Hospital Negligence

When negligence occurs in a hospital, people can become seriously injured and even die. There is no room for substandard practices when it comes to your and your family’s medical needs. Doctors, nurses and hospitals owe their patients a certain standard of care. If that duty is not met and an injury occurs, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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$10,500,000 medical malpractice settlement involving brain injury
Helping Surgical and ER Negligence Victims Throughout Arizona and San Diego

There are many sources of hospital negligence in Arizona and San Diego. As experienced personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers, we have handled all types of issues for our clients, including:

Holding Hospitals Accountable

Hospitals, just like doctors and other medical professionals, may be sued for their negligence. If you were injured due to a surgical or medication error, or you lost a loved one due to the malpractice of a health care provider, our team will thoroughly investigate your claims in order to hold all responsible parties accountable. By holding negligent doctors, surgeons, nurses or technicians accountable, as well as the hospital itself, we are able to obtain the full compensation you need to move forward after your injury.

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