Medical Malpractice

A doctor commits medical malpractice by negligently providing medical services when that negligence causes or contributes to injuring the patient.

The injured party must first prove that the health care provider fell below the standard of care for similar health care providers in Arizona. That means the health care provider failed to act as a reasonable and prudent health care provider in Arizona would under similar circumstances. The health care provider can fall below the standard of care by doing an act that is wrong under the circumstances. For example, a health care provider may commit malpractice by providing the wrong treatment for an illness or injury, or by failing to act when action was necessary, like failing to properly diagnose a disease or injury.

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The injured patient must prove that the health care provider’s breach of the standard of care was a cause of significant injury to the patient. The health care provider’s error does not have to be the only cause of the injury, it only must contribute to it. For example, a doctor who fails to diagnose cancer in a patient does not cause the cancer, but the doctor can still be liable for malpractice because the delay in dealing with the cancer caused by the failure to diagnose may lead to a significantly higher risk of death from the cancer than had it been diagnosed and treated properly.

One of the most critical components of a catastrophic injury or wrongful death case stemming from medical negligence is the ability to effectively demonstrate the level of loss to an insurance company or jury. We have obtained the following results in medical negligence cases:

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