Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases caused by medical malpractice can lead to highly complex legal actions — and require skilled legal assistance that only the most experienced personal injury and catastrophic injury attorney can provide.

When a brain injury, spinal cord injury or paralysis results from medical negligence in Arizona and San Diego, the medical malpractice lawyers with decades of experience and a reputation for results with prosecuting such claims are the attorneys of The Mercaldo Law Firm.

$10,500,000 medical malpractice settlement involving brain injury

For more than 30 years, the Attorneys with the Mercaldo Law Firm have marshaled investigative resources, proven litigation skills and keen client commitment on behalf of clients who were victims of medical malpractice, and sustained serious brain injury. Brain injury victims have been known to suffer seizures, coma, memory loss, motor function loss, cognitive function loss, loss of speech and sight, nerve damage, brain abscess, disorientation and mood changes, persistent vegetative state, and “locked in” syndrome.

As one of the top firms in the Southwest, Mercaldo Law Firm’s goal, in every case we accept, is to achieve justice for a former hospital patient, and his or her family — fair and just financial compensation that covers all malpractice-related physical, emotional and financial losses. The jury verdicts we have won in personal injury and wrongful death cases total in the millions of dollars.

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Serious Representation That Protects the Rights of the Seriously Injured

The Attorneys with the Mercaldo Law Firm specialize in helping those whose quality of life has suffered significantly from brain injury caused by types of medical malpractice such as:

In addition to medical negligence as a contributing factor, traumatic brain injury can also be caused by a closed head injury, blunt trauma, a car accident, an accident involving a large commercial vehicle, nursing home abuse and neglect, drowning, smoke inhalation, or a physical assault in an unsafe environment resulting from inadequate security (premises liability).

If a loved one’s life will never be the same due to a catastrophic injury suffered in an Arizona or San Diego hospital, call or e-mail the Mercaldo Law Firm today. We respond promptly to your email message and any communication left with our law office after business hours. Your initial consultation is free of charge. An evening appointment is available upon request.