-Working with The Mercaldo Law Firm has been a blessing. The amount of compassion, empathy, and professionalism that we received was outstanding! Our case, a wrongful death case, was challenging, but with perseverance and relentless passion, Carlo pursued and received justice for my husband. Carlo is articulate, meticulous and methodical. Carlo, Ron, and staff are exceptional people and I would recommend them to anyone!
-Liz (Client)

-“The loss of a child is one of the most traumatic events a person can experience during their lifetime. Getting through this is difficult enough, yet our bereavement was further complicated with criminal and civil jury trials and legalities.  After interviewing several attorneys for our civil representation, choosing the Mercaldo law firm was an easy decision. Initially recommended by other attorneys, we were impressed with Ron’s reputation and respect amongst his peers. Once we met him, the level of professionalism and experience made the hiring decision easy. Our choice was validated as we went through the process. Having had one of the best trial lawyers in the state resulted in one of the largest jury awards ever given in Pima County. What this meant to us is that we had the right person to honor the memory of our son and vindicate his innocence. Thank you for a job well done.” -JR & AR (Clients)

-“The Mercaldo law firm is made up of a group of exceptional people who will go the extra mile to be there for you. The experience I had with The Mercaldo law firm was very pleasant even given the circumstance of what my family and I were going through, they we compassionate and caring as well as sensitive to our situation. All the questions I had were answered right away and in great detail as well. They fought for my family and what they believed was right. They have become more than just a law firm to us they have become our friends! We are forever grateful for the services they provided and helping my son get what we believed he deserved! Thank you to everyone who spent countless hours on our case! Ron you are an amazing person we think so highly of you! Barbara you are a true inspiration, Carlo you are one intelligent and caring person, Marco we have learned so much from you and appreciate you coming here to help us, and again Thank you! You are all amazing! We are blessed to have met you all.”  
-“ST” (Client)

-“Thank you for the Satisfaction of Judgment…I wanted to tell you that I appreciated the way that you handled your representation of (your clients) in this most difficult case.  You are a consummate professional, quite frankly the best trial lawyer I’ve ever had the pleasure of facing in a courtroom, and more than that I appreciate your courtesies extended to myself and (my client) under even the most difficult of circumstances.  (Your clients)  were in good hands with you and I am certain they appreciate the fine job that you did for them in this delicate case.  Having said that, I hope to see you again somewhere down the line in a case, if not we’ll simply have to have lunch someday. Please tell (your clients) I wish them they best, and of course say hello to your staff when you see them.” 
– “SC”  (Opposing Counsel in wrongful death case)

-“Medical malpractice cases are difficult and expensive to handle.  I believe that everyone in the state of Arizona recognizes that Ron Mercaldo is one of the premiere medical malpractice attorneys in the state and may well be the premiere medical malpractice attorney.  He has tried numerous medical malpractice cases and has gotten outstanding results…Defense lawyers recognize him as an adversary who will do a very outstanding and ethical job.  He is a tough opponent.  It takes a great deal of expertise on behalf of a lawyer to handle medical malpractice cases.  They are unique.  All lawyers almost have to become Board certified in a particular area of medicine to handle each individual case.  These cases are time consuming and mentally challenging.”
-(Court representative appointed to review fee award in medical malpractice case involving catastrophic brain injury to a minor child)

-“I just received the check and I have to admit it still doesn’t feel real.
I wanted to drop you guys a note and just say thank you.
Thank you for fighting for us. It means the world to (my wife) and I.
I also want to say thank you from my girls. They don’t know it yet but you have changed their lives.
With the investment we will be able to make; they will have college opportunities and life opportunities that they would’ve never had if it weren’t for you guys. I hope you guys have a great year and if there is ever anything that I can do for you guys please let me know.”