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Has your life been shattered forever by catastrophic injuries suffered in an accident with a drunk driver?

Do you suspect that the negligent motorist who struck you had been over-served with alcohol by an Arizona bar or restaurant?

In Arizona and San Diego, we have the skilled legal assistance that can help turn your life around. We are The Mercaldo Law Firm, founded by accomplished personal injury and wrongful death lawyer Ron Mercaldo.

The attorneys with the Mercaldo Law Firm have more than 30 years of experience with personal injury lawsuits, and an impressive record of jury verdicts for our clients, worth millions of dollars in damages. We have handled a number of dram shop liability cases, in which alcohol servers are held responsible when their negligence contributes to drunk driving and DUI accidents.

The Mercaldo Law Firm’s reputation was built on our ability to thoroughly prepare a case. We carefully review evidence to determine an accident’s cause and identify the negligent party. We work closely with investigators such as accident scene re-constructionists, toxicologists and other experts. We interview witnesses, examine police reports and any other evidence that may reveal if the drunk driver who struck you had been over-served by an establishment or liquor store.

Waitpersons and bartenders at bars and restaurants have legal responsibilities when they serve alcoholic beverages. They are legally required to check photo IDs, and to refuse to serve alcohol to customers who are obviously intoxicated. Under Arizona dram shop law, an alcohol server or seller’s actions can be construed as negligent, and potentially responsible for serious injuries caused by patrons, when they fail to meet these legal obligations.

If we accept your case, the Mercaldo Law Firm’s objective will be to help you obtain maximum financial compensation for all DUI accident injury expenses — current or overdue medical bills, costs of future medical needs, lost income from time off the job, repair or replacement of your own motor vehicle, pain and suffering, and other losses.

The Mercaldo Law Firm extends the same skilled legal leadership to families who have lost loved ones in fatal DUI accidents that become wrongful death cases.

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